Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Gnar: Hey there Reekie!! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us!! Can you tell us about how you got into tattoos?

Reekie: I started liking tattoos when I was very little. My cousin was the first to influence me into tattoos. She had all these tattoos and I just really enjoyed looking at them. Ever since then, I have always liked that alternative style and I have always wanted to get tattoos of my own. In college, I met this gorgeous alternative tattooed woman. Her tattoos were more interesting and they expressed something about her. I got to thinking that I really didn’t want any tattoo; I want it to express something about me or a time/part in my life. I started coming up with designs in summer of 2009, around the time I joined SG. SG was my next big push, I just saw all these beautiful ladies with tattoos. Which led me to the thought, what would I like on my body?

Gnar: Do you have a favorite tattoo parlor or artist?

Reekie: I only have four tattoos for now, and three of the four tattoos were done by the same artist. I really like his work. So as of now I have a favorite artist and I will go to him until I am not in the area anymore. His quality of work is great, and the price is reasonable. I hope to get more very soon; they are just not in my budget right now. 

Gnar: What are you goals or plans for later in life?

Reekie: My plans later in life are to be a Graphic Designer. I want to move out of the area to find a new place, anywhere but here. Once I have a stable job I want to continue getting tattoos and eventually have a half-sleeve.

Gnar: What are your favorite kinds of tattoos?

Reekie: It’s kind of difficult to pick my favorite kind of tattoo. Like I said before I like meaningful tattoos. I like when the person can talk about them or at least tell me the reason they got it. I think one of my favorite types of tattoos are sleeves or just big correlating pieces. I like seeing so many smaller tattoos in a certain area, to where they become one big piece It’s interesting to see how it all fits together, what the theme of the sleeve is or if it even has a theme at all.

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