Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elisha Schmidt!!!

Gnar: Hey Elisha thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos? 

Elisha: Well thank you for asking me, my mother actually got me into tattoos she always told me to get tattoos instead of piercings. Which everyone thinks is strange because a tattoo is for life but you can take piercings out.

Gnar: That's very fantasticating actually!! Do you think tattoos helps you in model industry or doesn't? 

Elisha: It helps in certain aspects and helps that I have images that show my tattoos so when photographers contact me they know what I have. If I try to find work though a lot of companies really frown on tattoos unless they are willing to cover them up in post processing.

Gnar: Yea I agree tattoo is the new big thing in modeling, but is still taking awhile to break through. It might just take some time. Do you have any plans for your next tattoos yet?

Elisha: I have been thinking of a couple of different ideas.. Not 100% sure on any of them yet but I do know it will be going on my ankle and I possibly might get another on my back.

Gnar: Excellent!!! Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or parlor?

Elisha: Yes! Actually it's the place I've have my most recent work done and it's called karma tattoo and piercing my artist is the owner Pat.

Gnar: Very awesome! Do you have any goals or plans for later in life?

Elisha: I would really love to work only a couple days a week then model the rest of the week. I am a veterinary assistant right now and love my job but modeling is something I would love to do more it's my passion.

Gnar: You should totally model more if you get the chance cuz your work rocks!! Anyways do you have any shout outs and or thank you before we wrap this up?

Elisha: Thank you so much! I would like to thank Paul venomous(www.paulvenomous.com) he really got me back into modeling. I would also like to thank all the other great photographers I've had a chance to work with.


  1. I like your tatoo,the little one on your left,i'd loved to kiss you there!!

  2. You are beautiful and love the tats want to see more when you get ur next one.