Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tootie Suicide!

Gnar: Hey Tootie!! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us today!! Can you tell us how you got into tattoos?

Tootie: Ever since I was little I wanted tattoos. I would get the fake ones out of gumball machines and stick em all over me.. Then when I was older I would draw all over myself with pens and markers lol. Then in high school it was carving something small, into my arm and pouring ink into it .. I think that I did it maybe twice because it hurt so bad .. Haha prison tattoos how gross!

Gnar: Haha that's crazy!! Do you have any plans for your next few tattoos yet?

Tootie: Yes! Most def.. One of my first tattoos was this shitty heart on the inside of my left wrist, but it hurt so bad and I was such a baby through the tattoo that the artist hurried, and now it looks like a melted gummy bear haha. It was my first tattoo .. Yes I was that much of a baby back then. I wanna get it fixed, and darkened with small amounts of filigree going around the wrist and the sayings "Once upon a time" and "Happily ever after "

Gnar: That's awesome!!! I love that idea!! Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or parlor?

Tootie: Rock City in Rockford IL was my fav for a second until one of the artist there misspelled a bible verse on my forearm. Just my fucking luck right.. But there is this one artist in Rockford her name is Dawn and she is amazing. She's done a lot of my work and here in Chicago my new artist is a girl named Sam at Mastermind ink she did my friendship tattoo and hopefully will be doing more of my work

Gnar: Wow!!! Where you able to get the misspelled tattoo fixed?? 

Tootie: No and the cover up fucking sucked as well.. People grab my arm all the time and are like "what is that?" and my reply is "biggest mistake I made at 19" I found a laser removal place and its about 150 a session and it will take more the a few sessions to get it off .. Its funny cause there is only one day a month that they do it. Like bad tattoo day, and all these people flood in this high class plastic surgeons office with bad tattoos . That's how I imagine it at least.

Gnar: That sucks!! I agree it's so easy to get a bad tattoo, but extremely hard to fix or remove it! Do you have any goals or plans for later in life?

Tootie: Call me old fashion but somewhere later in life I want marriage and kids. I def can't have a kid now .. Haha shit I can barley take care of myself, and I don't like anyone enough right now to marry them but I'm def a hopeless romantic and that is what I want.

Twitter: Tootielaamazing

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