Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Gnar: Hey there Tarion!! Thank you for taking the time today to do this interview!! Can you tell us about how you got into tattoos?

Tarion: Tattoos are something I have loved since I was a little girl. For me they always represented individuality, being able to think for yourself and not just follow the crowd. I started begging my parents for one when I was 14. Of course they said no tongue.gif I tried again when I was 16 and eventually got my mom to agree to let me get one when I turned 18. I think she was hoping I would get over it by then. Needless to say I didn't and it was my parents 18th birthday present to me. I know tattoos are fairly commonplace now days and they don't really mark someone's individuality as much as they used to but I love having the choice of what I put on my body and why. It's a personal thing for me. I love being different, thinking differently and not conforming to society just because everyone else does.

Gnar: Gnarly!! Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or parlor?

Tarion: Yeah Danny from Voodoo Ink. He's amazing with color. His website is www.voodooinksa.co.za wink.gif

Gnar: Excellent!! :-) Do you have any goals for later in life?

Tarion: Well at the moment I am focusing on my burlesque troupe Circus Gothica. I've always loved dancing and being able to do that and be sexy at the same time is a winning situation for me wink.gif

Gnar: That's really gnarly!! Do you have any plans or ideas for your next few tattoos?

Tarion: Tons lol! I'm busy extending and re-coloring my half sleeve/shoulder, after that the sky is the limit. I love Danny's work so I think I'll be going to him for a lot more wink.gif all I can tell you is it will be vibrant! wink.gif

Gnar: Fantastic!! Do you have any shout out or thank you before we wrap this up?

Tarion: Big ups to all the South African SGs and the girls from Circus Gothica. They keep my life very interesting wink.gif


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