Monday, August 15, 2011

Chandra Jade!!

Gnar: Hey Chandra thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Chandra: Well I was raised around it, my family had tattoos and a lot of them, and my uncle who done them. It was beautiful to me, and couldn't wait to get my own

Gnar: Very awesome! Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or parlor?

Chandra: To be honest, not really. Every artist has a different touch

Gnar: Agreed! Do you have a favorite tattoo style such as traditional etc?

Chandra: I'm not much of a fan of new school, but  I love traditional! 

Gnar: Gotta respect where tattooing started right? Anyways do you have any goals or plans for later in life?

Chandra: I plan to pursue photography,mass communications, and journalism. Travel around and experience the different cultures and arts. Also want to open a homeless shelter

Gnar: That's super duper awesome!! What are your hobbies or favorite things to do?

Chandra: Thank you! Hmmmm, well I love adventure,thrift stores, going to antique shops, car shows, and watching documentaries.

Gnar: Not a problem at all!! Excellent!! What are 3 words that you'd use to describe yourself to a stranger?

Chandra: Respectful, Caring, Shy

Gnar: Excellent choice!! Do you have any thank you and/ or shout outs before we wrap this up?

Chandra: Just thank you for giving me your time blank.gif

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Gnar: Hey Adrastea thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Adrastea: I've always been a fan of tattoos since I was younger, but I never saw myself with any on my body, oddly enough. I knew that tattoos were permanent and I wasn't sure what I would pick to put on me forever. That and finding the right artist and money. I was more so into piercings. I apparently just hadn't been exposed to getting tattoos and how addicting they can be. My best friend was the one who was into tattoos and not so much piercings. The day I told her I was going to get another piercing, when I was 19, she begged me to get a tattoo instead. I finally said okay, but asked if we could get one together, to symbolize our friendship. Somehow after that in a half a year time span I had five more little tattoos, and I have even more now. My mother always said I would regret getting a tattoo with someone. A little over a year after I got my first tattoo with her, and several tattoos later, she unfortunately passed away. To this day I am glad that I chose to take her path and get a tattoo with her. Not only did it change my opinions on tattoos...because obviously once you start you just can't stop :-P, but I smile knowing that though she is gone I have my first tattoo ever shared with her, wherever she may be.

Gnar: Wow that's an amazing story!! Do you think having tattoos helps you in the model industry or just the opposite?

Adrastea: I used to think that tattoos would hurt me in the model industry, until I got a few. They have helped and hurt in ways. But more so helped. I've learned that they actually have helped me gain access to other photographers. I have some not so great tattoos, and then I have tattoos that took 5+ hours. The tattoos that took time have caused photographers to want to photograph those tattoos specifically, or photograph me with those tattoos as the focus. I do think that some photographers frown upon tattoos, and it has caused me to not be able to work with great photographers in my area...but I see it as, if they don't like me for me, then I don't want to work with them anyways. Not to mention, those are the photographers that say the model is to fat, or not skinny enough, etc. I'd prefer to not work with them regardless. I have also learned that if the photographer wants to work with you enough, and the tattoos are in the way of the shot that they want, if they are good enough, they can photoshop the tattoos out, or certain types of make up products will cover them up. Which, for the most part, photographers want my tattoos in their shots anyways. smile.gif

Gnar: Dude I totally agree with you!! It sucks when they are like that. Myself as a photographer I'm actually wanting to work with models that are opposite from your average skinny blond models. I love the models with tattoos and variety sizes as well. It is their loss and our gain!! Anyways do you have a favorite tattoo artist or parlor?

Adrastea: I don't necessarily have a favorite tattoo parlor because I've only been to a few tattoo parlor's in Alabama, and one in Germany. I have learned though to check out the parlor and get a good portfolio of the "artists" before working with them. Because far to many tattooers in Alabama call themselves tattoo artists, and are far from that. As for favorite tattoo artists, a tattoo artist that I've always wanted to work with but never have is Paul Booth. His tattoos are extraordinary. As for favorite tattoo artists that I have worked with, Heath Thomas now out of Destin, FL, Sean Hommel out of North Carolina, and Jay from Capital City Tattoo Montgomery, AL. Each of these artists took my idea, incorporated their own ideas, and made lovely tattoos that all have significant and extremely important and valuable meanings. Their other works are amazing too.

Gnar: That's awesome! I have actually heard of Paul! Anyways do you have any goals or plan for later in life?

Adrastea: Besides continuing modeling, and hopefully getting somewhere with that, I am actually a nursing major with one semester left towards getting my bachelors degree. I plan on working as a nurse for a few years and eventually going back to school. I'm not very good at looking to far ahead into the future. I just kind of live day by day.

Gnar: Not a bad idea at all. Do you have any shout outs and/or thank you before we wrap this up?

Adrastea: I'm never good with shout outs and thank you. Otherwise, I'd be thanking everyone. But since this is about modeling and tattoos....I'm going to have to say thank you to to awesome tattoo artists I've had the pleasure to work with, and hope to work with soon. And also thank you to the great photographers I've worked with as well. smile.gif


Alannah Diamond!!

Gnar: Hey Alannah thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Alannah: Tattoos were something I always admired, because they allotted for the most "hardcore" form of self-expression possible. I was eighteen, and decided I to wanted to have one (as it'd go, the first of many), to express MYSELF, too. So, I bought myself the center rose on my shoulder, to express myself - literally - with Rose being my middle name. 

Gnar: Very awesome!!! Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or parlor?

Alannah: My favorite parlor (and artists!) hail from my home state of Ohio. There is a studio in a city just North of my hometown of Findlay called "Studio 14". My two favorite artists, Digger and Corey work there. Digger did my central chest piece and my anchor on my temple, and Corey has done both pieces on my upper right leg, as well as my piece of my shoulder. Both artists have a unique, clean-cut style, and are the best of company to have throughout any session

Gnar: Excellent!! So tell us about how you became a musician.

Alannah: I grew up hearing the stories of my father working as a PR agent for the Motown industry, and immediately wanted to find a way to create stories of my own, and, to follow in his footsteps. I got started with focusing on my own PR, booking, management, and tour management work, before realizing that my real passion was taking the stage. I'd had years of vocal, piano, and acting lessons, so I knew I the knowledge and presence, and it was time to do something with it. As it goes, music was just what I needed to channel all of my emotions, too. I'd always been into writing to get through the harder times I've had in life, and, getting to get on stage and share the lyrical memories that got me through, in hopes of helping others brave through their own storms, was a huge motivator as well. So, pretty much, family, and fate? I would say that's the quickest way to sum it up, and definitely the two things I owe the biggest thanks to for getting me where I am and continue to be a growing musician today

Gnar: Very inspirational! Do you have a favorite performance or location that you've done?

Alannah: Thank you! My favorite performance would be in Salt Lake City, at the Outer Rim. We made it to this show too late to have time to socialize with the crowd, and, the crowd waited about an hour for us - since the previous band had taken the stage! Seeing the dedication of the fans that night made it so worthwhile. Plus, it was incredibly stormy and chilly, and also very late. It was a huge reward to know people wanted to see (my former band) and I perform THAT bad. We gave them a show to remember, and even had some pretty awesome hangouts afterwards. Kudos to Salt Lake for having some real, genuine music enthusiasts and supporters! In terms of location, it doesn't even matter the venue, but Seattle, Hollywood, Phoenix, Nashville, and Joplin, MO all stole my hearts. In fact, call it a crime, but I've fallen in love with every city/town I've been fortunate enough to tour in, in their own respective ways!

Gnar: That's mind blowing!! Then I'd say that would be a memorial event for sure haha!! Do you have any plans for your next few tattoos?

Alannah: Indeed it was. Nothings more rewarding than having a great bunch of fans, I swear! I actually do have my next few planned out! Digger at Studio 14 is doing a messenger pigeon with an arrow through it, carrying a love letter, on my left collarbone. The arrow symbolizing being wounded, but carrying on, and the letter symbolizing passion over distance (the theme of my entire chest). Corey is also doing the Asian Good Luck cat, to look like my own cat, Adelaide, on my right thigh. (What can I say, I'm going to be that old cat lady, one day!) A few others amongst other artists I'm doing include a micro-portrait of John Stamos from Full House (as Uncle Jesse), and a traditional piece with a human heart, music notes, and a skeleton key and the words "your body's never felt so alive" on my left forearm. Trust me, I have tons of ideas in the works (Eternal Sunshine quote, more meaningful lyrics, more zombie pieces, etc), but those are my next few priorities

Gnar: I really love those ideas!! It's always great to hear cool creative ideas for tattoos!! Will you be joining us on next month's blog?

Alannah: Thank you, very, very much! I'm stoked to hearing/reading about everyone else's awesome ideas, as well! As for being bak next month, no easy way to say this, and I apologize in advance, sincerely, I do, but, OF COURSE! I couldn't have possibly been cornier, but hey, it is what is, and I'll most definitely be coming back for more!

Gnar: Awesome!! we'll be looking for you!! Any more shout outs or thank you before we wrap this up??

AlannahWell, first and foremost, a giant thank you to you for taking the time and interest in me for this interview. Honestly, it means a lot to me, it truly does. My family, friends, and the various bands I've played for, for their support and believing in me, and to my up and coming clients, Chomp Chomp Attack (who I manage), A LifeLike Story (who I tour manage for and book), and of course, anyone who's been a fan of my music, modeling, anything ever. I couldn't do what I do without you, so, thank you and don't be strangers - I don't bite blank.gif:-)

Ways to catch Alannah!



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview with Spliff_!!

Gnar: Hey Spliff_ thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Spliff_: My brother is 8 years older than me, and I always remembered being so fascinated everytime he added another tattoo to his body. I always wanted to be like him. Of course it then grew into an addiction once I had my first one wink.gif

Gnar: Same deal with my brother got his before I got mine :-). Do you think having tattoos help you in the model industry or doesn't?

Spliff_: I think if I were to want to do real print professional modeling (like vogue and such) than it would hurt. It's unfortunate. But good thing is i'm not interested in that kind of modeling ^_^!

Gnar: I think those type of modeling are very bland and plain. It's been done over and forever . Tattoos however in modeling is amazing new and outstanding! Anyways how long have you been modeling and how did you get into that?

Spliff_: SG is the first actual modeling I've done ^_^. I've wanted to shoot for them ever since I was a teenager and snuck into their first burlesque tour. I actually ended up shooting because of luck really. The wonderfully beautiful waikiki happened to be visiting NYC from holland the week I had decided to move back. When we met we instantly knew we'd be shooting together right away. and 2 days later BOOM we did

Gnar: Wow! That really is amazing! Do you have any plans for more tattoos? If so what are your ideas for your next ink?

Spliff_: YES! First i'm finishing my wings. I worked out a deal with my tattoo artist to clean his house to finish it for free before the end of september =))). After that i'm going to start working on my Daisy sleeve

Gnar: Wow! That's an interesting deal! That would be awesome to be able to do for a tattoo. Save plenty of cash that way for sure. What do you do as a hobby or for fun?

Spliff_: Just note...his house is huge! he has an entire room dedicated to horror movie figurines , dvd's, collectibles that I'm sure i'm going to be individually cleaning.
 I really love biking and aggressive rollerblading for my down time. If you count smoking spliffs as a hobby than that too. ^_^

Gnar: Oh man then you got yourself in some deep cleaning business then. LOL! Do you have any other goals or plans than being a model?

Spliff_: Absolutely!! I currently Dog walk and cat sit. I am really into holistic pet care (raw diets, herbal supplements, etc...). Most likely i'll work towards starting my own dog walking company, but that also specializes in giving holistic advice. Helping animals truly is my passion

Gnar: Very cool! I have a frenchton I"m sure she would love to be your friend too :-).
That's a cool plan for sure! Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or shop?

Spliff_: I'd love to be friends with your furry pal=). Joey Captain -head artist and owner of Ink Caps tattoo shop in tottensville staten island if you check out the feather work thats done on my wings so far he did it free hand, as he will for the rest. I trust him that much he's fantastic!

Gnar: Gnarly! Do you have any shout outs or thanks before we wrap this up?

Spliff_: Just a shout out to Waikiki for shooting me and helping me get into this community of tattoo'd hot and sexy woman, and joey from ink caps for giving me my ink fix



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interview with Miss Antietam!!!

Hello everyone!! Welcome one and all!! We are opening this interview with my personal favorite model which is a huge honor! Here we go!!

Gnar: Hey antietam! Thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! It's a huge honor to have you to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Antietam: I have just always loved them, so it was just natural for me to get them as soon as i turned 18.

Gnar: How often do you get tattoos?

Antietam: Probably as much as I can...Usually every 6 months. 

Gnar: Very awesome!! Do you have one shop you only go to, or do you do different shops?

Antietam: I usually go to my girl Shannon Daley!

Gnar: Nice! Do you think having tattoos helps you in the model industry, or opposite?

Antietam: Hahah it depends what kind of modeling you wanna do...So the answer is yes and no.

Gnar: I hear you!! It's like the model industry is kinda split in a fine line of no tattoos at all and tattoos. It is quite interesting, I am glad you picked the tattoo side! Do you have plans for new tattoos soon, if so what kind?

Antietam: I am getting the tops of my hands with horse shoes!

Gnar: Very awesome! will it represent anything?

Antietam: Nope not at all....In fact very few of my tattoos do.

Gnar: Excellent!! Have you ever regretted any of your tattoos?

Antietam: Hahah well yeah...2 of them. the 1st is an h on my hand that my ex husband and i got on our 1 year anniversary...hahah good thing my name is heather right? and the 2nd were some shitty blue star on my wrist that me and my ex husband decided to tattoo on me when we were drunk one's covered up with a dead swallow now

Gnar: Haha live and learn thats the way life goes! You're my favorite model! So it's crazy getting to do this interview with you so speaking of that. Do you have any messages for your fans?

Antietam: I just wanna say thanks for all the support and love you guys all give me...Couldn't be where i am today without it!!

Gnar: You deserve it!! You were just in inked magazine a few inked girls issues back how was that? That must have been an honor!

Antietam: It was pretty rad!! I hope to be shooting for them again within the next few weeks... Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Gnar: We'll be rooting for you!! Will we get to see you in the next month's Blog?

Antietam: Hahah well of course!!

Gnar: Super pumped!!! Looks like we'll have something to look for then! Any shout outs before we wrap this up?

Antietam: Just a big thank you to anyone who has ever believed in me, and to joey my husband! Also to you of course for featuring me!!

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