Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview with Spliff_!!

Gnar: Hey Spliff_ thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Spliff_: My brother is 8 years older than me, and I always remembered being so fascinated everytime he added another tattoo to his body. I always wanted to be like him. Of course it then grew into an addiction once I had my first one wink.gif

Gnar: Same deal with my brother got his before I got mine :-). Do you think having tattoos help you in the model industry or doesn't?

Spliff_: I think if I were to want to do real print professional modeling (like vogue and such) than it would hurt. It's unfortunate. But good thing is i'm not interested in that kind of modeling ^_^!

Gnar: I think those type of modeling are very bland and plain. It's been done over and forever . Tattoos however in modeling is amazing new and outstanding! Anyways how long have you been modeling and how did you get into that?

Spliff_: SG is the first actual modeling I've done ^_^. I've wanted to shoot for them ever since I was a teenager and snuck into their first burlesque tour. I actually ended up shooting because of luck really. The wonderfully beautiful waikiki happened to be visiting NYC from holland the week I had decided to move back. When we met we instantly knew we'd be shooting together right away. and 2 days later BOOM we did

Gnar: Wow! That really is amazing! Do you have any plans for more tattoos? If so what are your ideas for your next ink?

Spliff_: YES! First i'm finishing my wings. I worked out a deal with my tattoo artist to clean his house to finish it for free before the end of september =))). After that i'm going to start working on my Daisy sleeve

Gnar: Wow! That's an interesting deal! That would be awesome to be able to do for a tattoo. Save plenty of cash that way for sure. What do you do as a hobby or for fun?

Spliff_: Just note...his house is huge! he has an entire room dedicated to horror movie figurines , dvd's, collectibles that I'm sure i'm going to be individually cleaning.
 I really love biking and aggressive rollerblading for my down time. If you count smoking spliffs as a hobby than that too. ^_^

Gnar: Oh man then you got yourself in some deep cleaning business then. LOL! Do you have any other goals or plans than being a model?

Spliff_: Absolutely!! I currently Dog walk and cat sit. I am really into holistic pet care (raw diets, herbal supplements, etc...). Most likely i'll work towards starting my own dog walking company, but that also specializes in giving holistic advice. Helping animals truly is my passion

Gnar: Very cool! I have a frenchton I"m sure she would love to be your friend too :-).
That's a cool plan for sure! Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or shop?

Spliff_: I'd love to be friends with your furry pal=). Joey Captain -head artist and owner of Ink Caps tattoo shop in tottensville staten island if you check out the feather work thats done on my wings so far he did it free hand, as he will for the rest. I trust him that much he's fantastic!

Gnar: Gnarly! Do you have any shout outs or thanks before we wrap this up?

Spliff_: Just a shout out to Waikiki for shooting me and helping me get into this community of tattoo'd hot and sexy woman, and joey from ink caps for giving me my ink fix



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  1. Hi spliff, love all your body art and great pictures. Keep it real girl. Biggest fan. So far. Haha keep it up!