Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interview with Miss Antietam!!!

Hello everyone!! Welcome one and all!! We are opening this interview with my personal favorite model which is a huge honor! Here we go!!

Gnar: Hey antietam! Thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! It's a huge honor to have you to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Antietam: I have just always loved them, so it was just natural for me to get them as soon as i turned 18.

Gnar: How often do you get tattoos?

Antietam: Probably as much as I can...Usually every 6 months. 

Gnar: Very awesome!! Do you have one shop you only go to, or do you do different shops?

Antietam: I usually go to my girl Shannon Daley!

Gnar: Nice! Do you think having tattoos helps you in the model industry, or opposite?

Antietam: Hahah it depends what kind of modeling you wanna do...So the answer is yes and no.

Gnar: I hear you!! It's like the model industry is kinda split in a fine line of no tattoos at all and tattoos. It is quite interesting, I am glad you picked the tattoo side! Do you have plans for new tattoos soon, if so what kind?

Antietam: I am getting the tops of my hands with horse shoes!

Gnar: Very awesome! will it represent anything?

Antietam: Nope not at all....In fact very few of my tattoos do.

Gnar: Excellent!! Have you ever regretted any of your tattoos?

Antietam: Hahah well yeah...2 of them. the 1st is an h on my hand that my ex husband and i got on our 1 year anniversary...hahah good thing my name is heather right? and the 2nd were some shitty blue star on my wrist that me and my ex husband decided to tattoo on me when we were drunk one's covered up with a dead swallow now

Gnar: Haha live and learn thats the way life goes! You're my favorite model! So it's crazy getting to do this interview with you so speaking of that. Do you have any messages for your fans?

Antietam: I just wanna say thanks for all the support and love you guys all give me...Couldn't be where i am today without it!!

Gnar: You deserve it!! You were just in inked magazine a few inked girls issues back how was that? That must have been an honor!

Antietam: It was pretty rad!! I hope to be shooting for them again within the next few weeks... Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Gnar: We'll be rooting for you!! Will we get to see you in the next month's Blog?

Antietam: Hahah well of course!!

Gnar: Super pumped!!! Looks like we'll have something to look for then! Any shout outs before we wrap this up?

Antietam: Just a big thank you to anyone who has ever believed in me, and to joey my husband! Also to you of course for featuring me!!

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