Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alannah Diamond!!

Gnar: Hey Alannah thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Alannah: Tattoos were something I always admired, because they allotted for the most "hardcore" form of self-expression possible. I was eighteen, and decided I to wanted to have one (as it'd go, the first of many), to express MYSELF, too. So, I bought myself the center rose on my shoulder, to express myself - literally - with Rose being my middle name. 

Gnar: Very awesome!!! Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or parlor?

Alannah: My favorite parlor (and artists!) hail from my home state of Ohio. There is a studio in a city just North of my hometown of Findlay called "Studio 14". My two favorite artists, Digger and Corey work there. Digger did my central chest piece and my anchor on my temple, and Corey has done both pieces on my upper right leg, as well as my piece of my shoulder. Both artists have a unique, clean-cut style, and are the best of company to have throughout any session

Gnar: Excellent!! So tell us about how you became a musician.

Alannah: I grew up hearing the stories of my father working as a PR agent for the Motown industry, and immediately wanted to find a way to create stories of my own, and, to follow in his footsteps. I got started with focusing on my own PR, booking, management, and tour management work, before realizing that my real passion was taking the stage. I'd had years of vocal, piano, and acting lessons, so I knew I the knowledge and presence, and it was time to do something with it. As it goes, music was just what I needed to channel all of my emotions, too. I'd always been into writing to get through the harder times I've had in life, and, getting to get on stage and share the lyrical memories that got me through, in hopes of helping others brave through their own storms, was a huge motivator as well. So, pretty much, family, and fate? I would say that's the quickest way to sum it up, and definitely the two things I owe the biggest thanks to for getting me where I am and continue to be a growing musician today

Gnar: Very inspirational! Do you have a favorite performance or location that you've done?

Alannah: Thank you! My favorite performance would be in Salt Lake City, at the Outer Rim. We made it to this show too late to have time to socialize with the crowd, and, the crowd waited about an hour for us - since the previous band had taken the stage! Seeing the dedication of the fans that night made it so worthwhile. Plus, it was incredibly stormy and chilly, and also very late. It was a huge reward to know people wanted to see (my former band) and I perform THAT bad. We gave them a show to remember, and even had some pretty awesome hangouts afterwards. Kudos to Salt Lake for having some real, genuine music enthusiasts and supporters! In terms of location, it doesn't even matter the venue, but Seattle, Hollywood, Phoenix, Nashville, and Joplin, MO all stole my hearts. In fact, call it a crime, but I've fallen in love with every city/town I've been fortunate enough to tour in, in their own respective ways!

Gnar: That's mind blowing!! Then I'd say that would be a memorial event for sure haha!! Do you have any plans for your next few tattoos?

Alannah: Indeed it was. Nothings more rewarding than having a great bunch of fans, I swear! I actually do have my next few planned out! Digger at Studio 14 is doing a messenger pigeon with an arrow through it, carrying a love letter, on my left collarbone. The arrow symbolizing being wounded, but carrying on, and the letter symbolizing passion over distance (the theme of my entire chest). Corey is also doing the Asian Good Luck cat, to look like my own cat, Adelaide, on my right thigh. (What can I say, I'm going to be that old cat lady, one day!) A few others amongst other artists I'm doing include a micro-portrait of John Stamos from Full House (as Uncle Jesse), and a traditional piece with a human heart, music notes, and a skeleton key and the words "your body's never felt so alive" on my left forearm. Trust me, I have tons of ideas in the works (Eternal Sunshine quote, more meaningful lyrics, more zombie pieces, etc), but those are my next few priorities

Gnar: I really love those ideas!! It's always great to hear cool creative ideas for tattoos!! Will you be joining us on next month's blog?

Alannah: Thank you, very, very much! I'm stoked to hearing/reading about everyone else's awesome ideas, as well! As for being bak next month, no easy way to say this, and I apologize in advance, sincerely, I do, but, OF COURSE! I couldn't have possibly been cornier, but hey, it is what is, and I'll most definitely be coming back for more!

Gnar: Awesome!! we'll be looking for you!! Any more shout outs or thank you before we wrap this up??

AlannahWell, first and foremost, a giant thank you to you for taking the time and interest in me for this interview. Honestly, it means a lot to me, it truly does. My family, friends, and the various bands I've played for, for their support and believing in me, and to my up and coming clients, Chomp Chomp Attack (who I manage), A LifeLike Story (who I tour manage for and book), and of course, anyone who's been a fan of my music, modeling, anything ever. I couldn't do what I do without you, so, thank you and don't be strangers - I don't bite blank.gif:-)

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