Sunday, August 14, 2011


Gnar: Hey Adrastea thank you for taking the time today to do this interview! Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Adrastea: I've always been a fan of tattoos since I was younger, but I never saw myself with any on my body, oddly enough. I knew that tattoos were permanent and I wasn't sure what I would pick to put on me forever. That and finding the right artist and money. I was more so into piercings. I apparently just hadn't been exposed to getting tattoos and how addicting they can be. My best friend was the one who was into tattoos and not so much piercings. The day I told her I was going to get another piercing, when I was 19, she begged me to get a tattoo instead. I finally said okay, but asked if we could get one together, to symbolize our friendship. Somehow after that in a half a year time span I had five more little tattoos, and I have even more now. My mother always said I would regret getting a tattoo with someone. A little over a year after I got my first tattoo with her, and several tattoos later, she unfortunately passed away. To this day I am glad that I chose to take her path and get a tattoo with her. Not only did it change my opinions on tattoos...because obviously once you start you just can't stop :-P, but I smile knowing that though she is gone I have my first tattoo ever shared with her, wherever she may be.

Gnar: Wow that's an amazing story!! Do you think having tattoos helps you in the model industry or just the opposite?

Adrastea: I used to think that tattoos would hurt me in the model industry, until I got a few. They have helped and hurt in ways. But more so helped. I've learned that they actually have helped me gain access to other photographers. I have some not so great tattoos, and then I have tattoos that took 5+ hours. The tattoos that took time have caused photographers to want to photograph those tattoos specifically, or photograph me with those tattoos as the focus. I do think that some photographers frown upon tattoos, and it has caused me to not be able to work with great photographers in my area...but I see it as, if they don't like me for me, then I don't want to work with them anyways. Not to mention, those are the photographers that say the model is to fat, or not skinny enough, etc. I'd prefer to not work with them regardless. I have also learned that if the photographer wants to work with you enough, and the tattoos are in the way of the shot that they want, if they are good enough, they can photoshop the tattoos out, or certain types of make up products will cover them up. Which, for the most part, photographers want my tattoos in their shots anyways. smile.gif

Gnar: Dude I totally agree with you!! It sucks when they are like that. Myself as a photographer I'm actually wanting to work with models that are opposite from your average skinny blond models. I love the models with tattoos and variety sizes as well. It is their loss and our gain!! Anyways do you have a favorite tattoo artist or parlor?

Adrastea: I don't necessarily have a favorite tattoo parlor because I've only been to a few tattoo parlor's in Alabama, and one in Germany. I have learned though to check out the parlor and get a good portfolio of the "artists" before working with them. Because far to many tattooers in Alabama call themselves tattoo artists, and are far from that. As for favorite tattoo artists, a tattoo artist that I've always wanted to work with but never have is Paul Booth. His tattoos are extraordinary. As for favorite tattoo artists that I have worked with, Heath Thomas now out of Destin, FL, Sean Hommel out of North Carolina, and Jay from Capital City Tattoo Montgomery, AL. Each of these artists took my idea, incorporated their own ideas, and made lovely tattoos that all have significant and extremely important and valuable meanings. Their other works are amazing too.

Gnar: That's awesome! I have actually heard of Paul! Anyways do you have any goals or plan for later in life?

Adrastea: Besides continuing modeling, and hopefully getting somewhere with that, I am actually a nursing major with one semester left towards getting my bachelors degree. I plan on working as a nurse for a few years and eventually going back to school. I'm not very good at looking to far ahead into the future. I just kind of live day by day.

Gnar: Not a bad idea at all. Do you have any shout outs and/or thank you before we wrap this up?

Adrastea: I'm never good with shout outs and thank you. Otherwise, I'd be thanking everyone. But since this is about modeling and tattoos....I'm going to have to say thank you to to awesome tattoo artists I've had the pleasure to work with, and hope to work with soon. And also thank you to the great photographers I've worked with as well. smile.gif


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