Monday, October 10, 2011

Interview with Josie Morris!!

Gnar: Can you tell us how you got into getting tattoos?

Josie: Getting tattoos is a part of my every day job. At the age of 17 I was a tattoo apprentice for a year. I then started to work for my self soon after, and it was then that i took the plunge to get my first tattoo. Nearly all the tattoos I have are done by myself, mainly on my legs as its just easier to reach. From then on, I do a new tattoo on my self every year to represent another year of my career as a tattoo artist blank.gif

Gnar: That's awesome! I did one on my foot while I was an tattoo artist. What is your favorite tattoo style? Traditional, Japanese, BW, or others?

Josie: I love colour blank.gifit just makes people smileblank.gif, but black n gray I also enjoy as it just works best for certain styles blank.gif

Gnar: I agree! Do you have any plans for your next few tattoos yet?

Josie: My next tattoo i want to get is a tattoo gun and a paint brush to represent my dedication to art blank.gifwhere??  Not sure yet, im thinking maybe my right arm which as its the arm i use to draw and tattoo.

Gnar: That's amazing!! Do you have any big goals or plans for your future?

Josie: to be one on the uks top tattooists in time.. and for my artwork to be recognized blank.gif

Gnar: Excellent!! I am sure you will get up there in no time! blank.gif Do you have any shout outs or thank you before we wrap this up?

Josie: Just want to thank a guy named mark pool who inspired me as a artist from my mid teens. his artwork and tattoo work inspired me to take my artwork down the same path. and i have loved tattoos as an art form ever since blank.gif x.x.x

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